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VOV Technology develops custom hardware for Internet communities.

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The debug board has been extremely popular with the MediaSmart Server community, and VOV Technology has earned countless positive reviews from happy customers.

Alex Kuretz
Founder of mediasmartserver.net, Microsoft MVP

Why VOV Technology?


Have an online community that likes to think big? Let us build the hardware. We can help your community by alleviating the design, manufacturing, assembly and distribution of your idea, keeping your community focused on more important things.


Have an idea but not sure how to build it? We specialize on low-volume high-mix production. Let us handle building the board to make you and your community successful.


Need to share your ideas with the world? We love open-source designs and can work with you in getting your idea off the ground.

The debug board, like its predecessors, is very professionally built; it looks great.

Matt Sawyer
Dojo North Software, CEO

Debug Adapter for the HP MediaSmart Server

On its 4th generation, the debug adapter, found on the mediasmartserver.net community website, attaches to the HP MediaSmart Server or the Acer easyStore computer, giving users VGA, PS2 keyboard, PS2 mouse and serial access for troubleshooting or re-imaging purposes.

Armstrap Eagle Development Board

This powerful ARM Cortex M-4 development board, found on the armstrap.org community website, is the first true open source development board that utilizes an onboard JTAG debugger for flashing and debugging your code, standard RTC clock with backup battery, and SPI flash, helping anyone bootstrap any project, without the fear of running into mass-production problems.

[The Armstrap Eagle] is a breath of fresh air in an embedded development environment that's weighed down with all sorts of cruft.

David Clift-Reaves
Supermechanical, Engineering

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